the future of govanhill

the future of govanhill

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govanhill housing association


the future of govanhill



about this project:

“We had the pleasure of working with govanhill housing association over the past year to create a wonderful short film that radiates with heart-felt stories and great insight into the govanhill community. The folk that we interviewed, ranging from the lovely Kellys’ an elderly couple who both celebrated their 90th birthday’s this year to a young polish couple, mr and mrs malek who celebrate the arrival of their twins sons, jason and sean this year were very generous with their time and with their words. We also filmed young gardeners who form a lively part of greater gardens as well as a selection of young school children from cuthbertson primary school as well as committee members elizabeth, janice and rose and merge member rehana and her daughters. I’d like to thank everyone who took part.


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