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I have always been a fan of the Scottish Artist June Carey and I was delighted when she got in touch regarding making a short film about her work, in general, and also about her latest exhibition “Dusk Delivers Dreams Forever” which runs at Linlithgow Burgh Halls until 1st October. It’s a fantastic show and I would definitely recommend going to see her retrospective. 


When I was in my early 20’s, I worked in the Glasgow Print Studio and I remember seeing her work and being really struck by the strong female figures and the regular use of symbolism. Her beautiful dark etchings struck me as both skilful, deep and sad and her colourful pastels and paintings excited me with the directness of their gaze. 


Spending time with June, both in her home/studio and in the Glasgow Print Studio and over numerous coffees, has been a real privilege. There’s no way on earth I would have guessed she was 75, simply because she excludes such curiosity and energy. 


I saw first-hand as she sifted through numerous drawers and portfolios, how her work developed over the last 40 years – so impressive – and I also got a sneak peek at her 2 large books of drawings, which she did before completing many of her etchings as well as being able to soak in all her influences that cover her studio walls.


I love working with other artists, wether that be musicians or visual artists (not had the pleasure of working with writers – yet – so can’t comment on that!) as I’ve usually got more of an opportunity to be creative. These, and music videos – are a real passion for me!


As well as seeing a wider variety of the diverse range of work I do here; you can see the artist portrait videos I have produced so far: goo.gl/ESXWbc (thirteensquared artist playlist)


If you are an artist or creative and are interested in making a short film, about a special project or as a tool to highlight your work so far, please get in touch. I welcome any opportunity to be push and develop my creativity and I LOVE collaborating with other creatives!



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