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I’ve been lucky to work recently with both Artlink Central  http://artlinkcentral.org  and Town Break (http://www.townbreakstirling.co.uk/ ) both based in Stirling this year.  It’s been an incredibly insightful experience learning more about Dementia.


Creating Conversations, a subsidiary of Artlink Central (http://www.creating-conversations.org) has a great piece of kit for practical activity-based solutions for carers and people living with dementia. It was wonderful seeing how effective the kit was in action!


The kit a combination of a table cloth, cards, tutorial and appropriate props really does get people reminiscing in a very natural and organic way. It was a pleasure to film the workshops.  I really enjoyed meeting both the staff and the participants using the kit. Artist Frances Douglas enabled folk to make some really beautiful watercolour paintings.


The lovely Johanas, who appears in one of the films, is a firecracker!  Because of this, I really enjoyed interviewing her. I was really impressed by the organisations and the individuals that are committed to working within the dementia sector.


You can see the Creating Conversations film here:  https://youtu.be/qz_8BKO730w


It was also lovely to work with Town Break http://www.townbreakstirling.co.uk , who work with people in the early stages of Dementia.  It is great to see how much people enjoy and benefit from the services they provide.


A lot of people have a fear of Dementia and even of discussing it openly. I know the possibility of it has always nagged away at me– I am so forgetful! So, since filming this project, a lot of my fears about dementia were eased by being able to interact with folk who participated in the film. It was great just being able to find out more about it. It was also amazing to see the hard work and commitment of staff. Also, the volunteers really help make Town Break wonderful!  Year in, year out, they are  friendly and passionate about being there. As a result, it made me seriously think more about volunteers and volunteering. More on that later!


You can see the Town Break film here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wvoA-d2Qek

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