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You Are Not Alone

13 Nov You Are Not Alone

project details:


Safe Space


You are Not Alone





November 2012


It took us a long time to make this film but I really think it is worth it! We want to say a big “Thank You” to the young people whom we interviewed and recorded.   Without them, this film would never have been made.   Also a big “Thank You” to the young actors who took part in this film – again we couldn’t have done it without you!


It in this film we talk directly about the effects that sexual abuse, in all it’s forms, has on young people, about how they react to what is happening or has happened to them and how they get help for themselves.   Please make as many people as you know aware of this film so that as many young people as possible can get help, if they need to.


Thanks to Graeme Henderson, 2nd camera operator for the generous donation of his time to make this film.   If you want to find out more information about Safe Space and the fantastic work they do in Dunfermline, you can by going to their website:   If you know of anyone who would benefit directly from watching this film, please recommend it to them!    If you are an organisation that works with young people who have or might have been sexually abused and you think that your clients could benefit from watching this film, even though Safe Space, is not based in your area, please get in touch with Safe Space to see what can be arranged.   We want as many young people to see this film as possible.


April 2011


We are are currently working with Safe Space (an organisation that works with survivors of childhood sexual abuse) to create a promotional film that can be used to both inform the local community of the fantastic work that Safe Space does with both young people and adults, and also as a tool to attract funders.



we are interviewing staff, local partners, young people who are currently using the service as well as adult suvivors of child sexual abuse and from the footage we’ve edited so far, this is going to be a very powerful and emotional film.   We’ll keep you updated of the film’s progress so come back and check out how it’s coming along!


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