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thirteensquared is 17!

14 May thirteensquared is 17!

Thirteensquared celebrates 17 years of video production this year, 
working almost exclusively with Scottish charities, housing associations, local authorities and social enterprises.


Our clients include: Art In Partnership, Artlink Central, Arts & Business Scotland, Barrhead Housing Association, Beyond Barriers, Carr Gomm Scotland, Children 1st Chartered Institute Of Housing Scotland, Criminal Justice  Culture & Sport Glasgow, Employers In Voluntary Housing, Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Falkirk Community Trust, Family Support Project, Gallery Of Modern Art, Glasgow Life, Glasgow Simon Community, Glasgow Women’s Library, Govanhill Housing Association, GWSF, Irvine Housing, Lifelink, Linstone Housing, Ng Homes, NHS Greater Glasgow And Clyde, North Glasgow Healthy Living Centre, North Ayrshire Council, John Gray Centre, Kelvingrove Art Gallery And Museum, LGBT Scotland, PATH Scotland, Positive Action In Housing, Parkhead Housing Association, PATH Scotland, Paisley South Housing Association, RCAHMS,  Safe Space (Fife) Scotland Street School Museum, Scottish Academy Of Asian Arts, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Sistema Scotland, The Burrell Collection, Town Break and West Glasgow Community Health And Care Partnership. Phew!


In a climate where video and photography are increasingly essential tools for raising awareness of your organisation, on social media, at conferences and events and internally within your organisation, why are we a great media company to work with?

Our experience is invaluable because:


We listen and respond to what you want and we always deliver and exceed your expectations, delivering on budget and on time and making photographs and videos you are proud of


We love what we do. We are passionate about empowering organisations to make the most of their social media. We are even more passionate about making sure that the people we work with and film, have an empowering experience. We talk people through everything they need to know about appearing on film so that they can present their best selves to the camera, with our help


People trust us – ask our clients! We are open and approachable and we love talking about what we do and how we do it – because then folk know what to expect, know that they can easily collaborate with us and most importantly, they know that we listen and respond to what they are saying


We are flexible so if you change your mind at any point, we are able to respond quickly, ensuring you get exactly what you want


Our working practise is as transparent as possible. This enables you to know what exact stage we are at in the making of your videos or photographic campaign


We are not afraid of talking about difficult subjects, in fact, we specialise in that. We know that lot of people face difficult situations wether in their working life or their home life. We have a huge amount of experience and we adjust our filmmaking and photographic processes so that they support those we work with. This helps not only the individuals we film/photograph with, but also the organisations we are commissioned by


We ask questions that others might be afraid to ask – with 17 years filmmaking experience we know how important it is to see beyond the immediate criteria for the films we make. By listening to and having a conversation, before, during and after our filming sessions, we make sure we get the best content for your videos


We’ve made lots of mistakes – in the past. Small or new companies with less experience… well they’ve still got mistakes to make and to learn from. Mistakes are a vital part of the learning process and allow us to grow, and we make a point of learning from them. The more experienced we are, the less we make mistakes and that is something we are proud of. And of great benefit to you


We are time efficient – over the years we have developed processes that streamline our video and photography making practise so that it saves you time, money. New video companies might be cheaper, but they’ve not got the commitment or don’t realise the importance of your time – we involve you in the editing process and at the same time, we cut down the time you need to dedicate to this project, allowing you to get on with your job, not have to do ours for us


We communicate effectively and regularly – we use ‘paper edits’, storyboards, and so that you can be involved in the development of your project – you are regularly updated so you know what we’ve done so far and what we are going to do next


We are not afraid to take risks. We are creatives and we always want to do our best and makes our videos as engaging as possible. So, we try new things, new techniques and we love learning just for the sake of it. The energy we’ve got for learning translates into better films for you because your videos will be fresh, inventive and engaging in a new exciting way


We understand that social media is changing rapidly and we respond to it by keeping a close eye on the way people consume videos and photographs on social media and we adapt our processes accordingly. This might mean shorter videos, but more of them, or more focused bite-size content that uses graphics, subtitles, visuals and music to make the point you want to make easy to understand and highly visible.


Not sure of how best to use social media to your advantage? We do. We encourage our clients to use social media to tease viewers and hook them in (10 – 30 sec clips), especially in the run up to a big event or major launch of a new venture. Instead of waiting to release all the videos we make at once at the end of the project we can provide you with short clips for social media (1-2 mins videos), starting as early as 2 weeks into the project, and regularly after that so that you can build up your audience for the work we are doing for you, meaning maximum exposure and maximum value over the whole course of the video project, not just at the end, which means a whole lot more community engagement


We actively look to expand your audience – can one of your deaf or hard of hearing clients or tenants understand your video? Or can someone watch your videos commuting to work on a busy train? (because that’s when a LOT of people access videos – on the go! Does it have subtitles? A sign-language interpreter? Don’t worry, we know how to help


Do you know what options we can offer you? we always offer several different options and different budgets: wouldn’t you want to be able to use the same video footage in a variety of different ways, for different audiences, without having to film and edit multiple times? With our experience and by carefully planning ahead, this is more than achievable


We are not the cheapest and we are proud of that. You get what you pay for. Our clients pay for our experience, pay for the peace of mind in knowing that we know exactly what we are doing, and you are paying for our ability to create films that many hundreds of people will view. We work hard for our fees and we will do our absolute best to make the most effective use of your budget, so that you are more than happy to recommend us to people who trust your recommendations


We are professional – we use high quality equipment and the newest editing techniques to make sure that your video and photographs pass the test of time. Yes, they’ll still look great in 5 years time – and longer!


We are passionate about working with you – we understand your organisations needs and that it is very important to get your message across as succinctly and effectively as possible


We want to work with you! We love working with charities, housing associations, social enterprises and local authorities because we are passionate about education, information, getting our message across and making our video inclusive and accessible as possible. Because our work means something to us: it’s our legacy, it’s evidence of our commitment and passion.

Check us out at


Got an idea for a series of videos or photographs? Feel free to get in touch to discuss your project in detail!


What do you think? Do you value experience over budget? Have you been caught out by going with a less experienced company? Have you saw the benefits of a committed and experience service provider? It’d be great to get a discussion going about this subject, especially in this financial climate – I’m really interested in hearing your thoughts!


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