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March 03, 2018 · THIRD SECTOR

These portraits were taken as part of Govanhill Housing Association’s 40th Anniversary celebrations and it was a privilege to work with their residents over several months, being invited into their homes and chatting with them.  It was a conscious choice to produce the photographs as black and white portraits because we couldn’t help but feel that the portraits have real depth and resonance because of that. What beautiful faces people have. When you get the chance to really look at someone, linger on how the light hits their face, how their eyes sparkle, it is humbling and thrilling. I really enjoyed meeting people from many different cultures and hearing their stories – especially about how they valued their home and their families. We deliberately tried to photograph very young people and very old – and everyone in-between, because they all have their part to play in the the rich tapestry of Life in Govanhill.