do you have a film price list?

every project we do is unique so we don’t have a price list for you to browse. contact us directly for a tailored quote based on your specific needs.  we are also more than happy to chat to you, informally and without obligation, to give you the right information to get your project off the ground in style!

do you know what is involved in the film making process?

if not, we can talk you through each step of the process so that you know what to expect, how long things take and why films cost the price that they do. 

it is essential to regularly discuss what’s happening with the film and we make a point of involving you in the film making process as much as possible and updating you regularly on the progress of the film. 

because you have been involved in all aspects of the film making process and you make decisions about the content, structure  and style of the film, we deliver exactly the film that you want and you feel total ownership over the film.


if you’re not at the stage where you want to chat yet, here is a list of things to think about:


be clear in your reasons for wanting to make a film or do a photography campaign  –  i.e. is it to raise the profile of your organization or to inform your clients or funders, in the best possible way, of the great work you do?

be clear about  what you want the film to say and think about the best way to get your message across concisely and effectively

think about how exactly do you want your audience to see your film? your film can be seen through the distribution of DVDs, shown at a conference or at your AGM, shown on your website, or www.youtube.com and www.vimeo.com.  you could create digital versions of your film that you can send to funders or clients that they can watch directly on their own pc/mac or even on their phone! However you want to show you films, we will make it happen.

the rule of thumb here, is shorter is better, so people really hear your message and don’t lose interest in what you are saying.

who do you need to interview?

what questions do you need to ask them?

where do you want the interviews to take place?  

you really want to shoot your film is in a bright, spacious and quiet location, where you won’t be interrupted.  

relevant visuals in a film add depth to your message and you can sometimes get across more through showing rather than telling.

good quality lighting and sound is vital to a film. Bad sound and lighting can be a huge distraction and stops your message getting across so effectively. We use cutting edge DSLRs and great sound equipment, which means your film will be clean clear and cinematic in style. Because we are using new technology it means that your film will look great for many years to come.  it also means that should you choose to re-edit another version of the film at a later date, the look and sound of the film will remain the same consistent high quality.

we will help you uncomplicated it as much as possible!  we understand things are not always as straight forward as they could be. We will be flexible and go that extra mile to make sure you get the film that you want, made within your timescale and within budget– that is very important to us. We do this by planning ahead and communicating with you regularly and we keep to your deadlines.

it might be that you have a great idea for a film but you’ve not got the funding for it yet or you are at the very early stages of planning it.  if this is the case, we’re still more than happy to meet up with you and talk to you about your film project.  The more you know, the better it will be.  if you know what is involved, you’ll know how much your investment (time and money) needs to be and this will help you with your funding application or in securing funds for your film project.  so contact us and we will help as much as we can.

it’s important to have a contract (we can show you examples of different ones) with your film company, and to agree the timescales we are working to, the payment schedules and and to know the process that is involved in making a film. a contract protects both parties involved and gives you confidence in us as a company that will deliver.  it’s good to be clear about what you expect from the film company and what we expect from you.

it is important to get the right film maker to make your film because you want a company with the same  work ethics and morals as you, we’d imagine.

we offer fantastic quality, reliability, relevant experience, and we try to be as financially flexible as possible for the budget that you can afford. If you’ve any questions, call and chat to us.  we encourage you to get quotes from other companies because we are confident that we offer both quality and cost effectiveness.

you will always know what is happening within the film making process at all times because we will regularly involve you in the decision-making process about your film.  we see it as a collaboration, which means you will be making decisions about the style and content of the film, supported by us at all times during this process.

Look at the content of our website and decide for yourself if you like our style and our approach to film-making and if you do, get in touch.