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What do you want to make a film about, specifically?

How long do you want your film to be?

Do you want lots of short clips or a longer film or both?

Do you want to interview real people? 

Do you want to involve actors and create a scripted short film based on real events?

Do you want to make an interview based film?

How important are the visuals for the film?

Where do you want the filming to take place?

Do you want your film to be shown on social media, at a conference or event, on your website?

When do you need the film to be completed for?

Not sure?  We'll discuss different possibilities when you get in touch. That’s what first meetings are for.



Through listening carefully to your needs, we’ll talk content, structure, timescale and budget, letting you know all the different options available.  We’ll be as flexible as possible through-out.  We offer you a great working relationship, a great deal of flexibility, a strong sense of creativity and style that boldly captures the heart of your message, and strengthens your brand.

With your input, we’ll make exactly the film you want.



We will produce a detailed tender bid and budget that clearly states what we’ll do, how and when we’ll do it, how much it will cost, what our respective responsibilities are, and what you can expect at the end of the project.




Once you’ve commissioned work, we’ll agree a contract and both sign it. A contract is essential for clarity and peace of mind for both parties and clearly outlines our working relationship and responsibilities.  The contract covers timescales and budget requirements and all the details of who is responsible for what, and what happens if, for any reason, the project does not run to plan, as sometimes can happen. When the contract is signed, the project begins.




There’s a thousand different ways of telling a story and the best way of making sure we tell it properly, is to plan ahead.

Whatever we have to do to make sure that the production runs smoothly, will be checked out at this stage. We have scriptwriters, storyboard artists and we can shoot test footage before we go into production to make sure you are happy with the content of your film.

We’ll also make phone calls or visits to an interviewee prior to the filming taking place, research archive footage or scout for locations, check out the weather conditions or any other potential hazards for the scheduled interviews.

We will run through a checklist of questions that we’ll ask the interviewees, just to make sure that the content we produced is exactly what you want. We’ll regularly update you of the project’s progress at every stage.

When filming your project, we will ensure that everything runs to plan and we will make sure that your interviewees are comfortable in front of the camera, even if they’ve never been filmed before. We’ll film on location and we’ll capture B-Roll along the way or separately, depending on your needs.

We’ve worked on projects where we only interview one person and we’ve produced projects where we’ve interviewed 49 people, all in different locations, so we’re adaptable, to say the least.

We work with the latest technology and that ensures not only that your film or films are future-proof, but that the production values are very high. We enjoy being creative, while always paying close attention to getting the absolutely best content, ensuring that your film will be impressive.




We intuitively and energetically create edits that focuses on the exact message that you want to tell. We deliver stories with impact! full of information, emotion, passion and excitement.

To get the best possible story we use transcripts and create paper-edits so that you can be involved, if you want. You can decide exactly what goes into your film, from the content we’ve captured.

Using our secure website and a password, we upload the rough edits of your film so that you can see it as it develops and make any necessary changes.

We work very hard to make your film the best it can be. Using voice-over artists, a great soundtrack, a specially commissioned piece of new music or a motion graphic artist will take the quality of your final project to a whole new level.




We understand how important it is to get your project out there and seen by your target audience and you can control exactly how you want them to engage with your content.

We produce photos, gifs, teaser trailers, trailers, short and extended films, depending or your audience and your content. Together we will work out best way to engage your audience, ensuring your business gets exactly the exposure it deserves! Combine your films with a specially commissioned photographic, and you are guaranteed to wow your audience.

Our films are Youtube and Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ready.  We can even arrange for premiering it on the big screen in a local cinema,

inviting your target audience along to watch!




We evaluate the project on an on-going basis. We keep you informed of the project’s progress or any challenges we face, and let you know how we resolve any issues.




By continuing the great work that’s already started we can go on to do even better work together. By keeping our word and by continuing to work as hard as ever, we aim to develop a great working relationship with you because we genuinely care about offering you the best possible service.

If you have a rough idea, a defined brief, or something in between, get in touch to discuss it further on 07980019912 or

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