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Thirteensquared has worked with Third Sector organisations for over 17 years. Working with housing associations, housing sector charities and a wide variety of mental health charities has always been a real passion and priority for us.

We’ve developed great relationships with housing associations such as Govanhill HA, Parkhead HA, Irvine Housing, NG Homes, Linstone HA, the FLAIR Group as well as the Chartered Institute of Housing Scotland, SHARE, GWSF, EVH and PATH Scotland.  Thirteensquared is fully committed to working within the housing sector to create great films that both celebrate achievements and to raise awareness of pressing issues facing the housing sector.

We also actively look to engage with under-represented groups whose issues are rarely highlighted. We are very keen to work with ethnic minority groups, LGBTI groups, start-up projects, women or men’s groups, or projects who put their community at the centre of what they do and who are making a big difference within their local community.

We’ve make documentaries that tackle difficult, complex subjects such as being bereaved by suicide, child sexual abuse, addictions and stress management as well as many pressing issues relating to the housing sector.

Sometimes the quietest voices are the most powerful ones and the ones most needing to be heard.  We make sure that each person’s voice is heard & heard clearly; these are often voices which might otherwise go unreported.  As well as showing the lighter side of life, we have a passion for tackling difficult and complicated subjects & we do it with style, generosity, creativity, passion & respect.

thirteensquared has been working with third sector clients across Scotland for over 15 years, creating cinematic films and photographic campaigns that are thought-provoking, empowering and promote our clients in the best possible way.

We’ve also made short creative video that celebrates the hard won achievements of both large and small organisations and individuals alike, by recognising the hard work that individual people put into their community.

If you are thinking of make a short film or a longer, more indepth film, check out our videos below and then get in touch for a no obligation chat to discuss your idea in more detail.

If you have a rough idea, a defined brief, or something in between, get in touch to discuss on 07980019912 or