High quality, intelligent corporate videos can make your business stand out in a very competitive sector.  We help clients focus on their strengths, have a clear, powerful and distinctive voice, so that they can compete effectively to gain new business, attract the best staff or to celebrate significant achievements.


    We create exciting and eye-catching commercial videos that elevate your brand identity, attracting new audiences to help you build your business.


    MUSICIANS. ARTISTS. MUSEUMS. GALLERIES. ANYTHING THAT WILL PUSH US CREATIVELY. We have a passionate for working with creative people on creative projects. Music videos, short narrative stories, artists portraits, we love doing. We love the challenges both technically and creatively of producing the right video or film for you. We also love looking at commercial projects in a different way, and raising the asthetic by heavily focusing on the visual aspects of the project.


    CHARITIES. COMMUNITY TRUSTS. HOUSING ASSOCIATIONS. MUSEUMS. GALLERIES. We are celebrating 25+ years of making cinematic videos for a wide variety of clients and we love working in the Third Sector. We have built up long term relationships with our clients and we’re proud to be part of their growing reputations.

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We work with all sectors – corporate, advertising, charities and cultural. We are 25+ years experienced video production company based in Scotland and we produce a wide variety of videos for TV broadcast, online social media campaigns, live conferences and events. We enjoy the variety and diversity that this brings to our working life and we’re also very aware of the benefits that it brings to our clients in terms of a fresh approach and a willingness to try new ideas to make your business stand out even more.


We create B2B videos; explainer, training & safety videos for internal use within your business; brand awareness videos; launch videos to promote a new product or service; we can film live events in a variety of different locations and gather impromptu testimonials; film and live-streaming multi-cam ‘round table’ and panel discussions, with the ability to film up to 8 people simultaneously; we can capture the excitement and energy of performances and concerts and we can share it with your worldwide audience by simultaneously filming and live-streaming, which is ideal if you have audiences or offices abroad.  

We produce videos of varying lengths to suit your social media campaigns – anywhere from 10 secs to 30+ mins, in standard, square and vertical formats. We can accurately subtitle your videos, add graphics and logos, using a variety of different fonts and styles, to really make your videos pop!


As well as creating scripted and non-scripted “Q & A” videos, with amazing B-Roll, we also work with more creative narratives to ‘share your story’, in a more natural and organic “show, don’t tell” way, capturing both beautiful sound and cinematic visuals, in a variety of internal and external locations, be it filming a race or a sporting event, filming a festival or concert, filming performers, or focusing on two people walking and talking having an important conversation about the specific environment they are in.

We can film sit down interviews that allow viewers to focus on important information for a more intimate or confidential vibe, within beautifully lit scenes or we can create videos with a lot more energy by creating multi-cam ‘walk and talk’ videos, where people can draw on the environment around them to highlight relevant points. Longer videos might well benefit from combining these two dynamic styles to best effect to add variety and pace to the productions so that they keep their audience engaged at all times. 


We can gather impromptu testimonials as well as filming and live-streaming ‘round table’ and panel discussions, with the ability to film and individually record up to 8 people at once.  With our ambitious multi-cam shoots we love capturing the excitement and energy of live events, performances or concerts. We can simultaneously film and live-stream, meaning you can share your event worldwide, if you have audiences or offices abroad.


High quality, intelligent videos can make your business stand out in a very competitive sector.  We’re here to help you focus on your strengths, hone your clear, powerful, and distinctive voice, so that you can compete effectively to gain new business, attract the best staff, to celebrate significant achievements or to train staff internally. With our high production values and a keen eye for focused and energised narratives, our videos will fully engage your audience. You’ll also have the options of incorporating animated graphics, logos and appropriate music, if desired. 

We produce trailers, behind-the-scenes videos or full length production videos for documentation, social media or online use.We can also work with narrative based scripts to ‘tell your story’ in a different, more natural and organic “show, don’t tell” way, capturing both beautiful sound and cinematic visuals, internally and also out in the great outdoors, be it filming a race or a sporting event, filming a festival or concert, filming performers or just two people walking and talking having an important conversation about the specific environment they are in.

If you want to raise awareness about your business, draw attention to your cause, educate people by sharing important information, or make your business more social media friendly, we’re here to help you do exactly that. 


Do you want to use videos at your conference or Awards event to reach new audiences?  

We can pre-produce videos to be shown at the conference, that tell the backstory of an individual’s or organisations development or success. During the event or conference, we can film behind-the-scenes videos; gather “feedback/comment videos”; livestream ‘pop-up’ content to bring a real sense of immediacy and excitement and finally, we can produce an online energetic recap videos of the conference or event, focusing on the key points to celebrate its success.



What do you want from your training video?

In an ever-evolving work environment, it’s always important to keep up to date with accurate health & safety training videos or and innovative instructional videos. We create intelligent, informative videos that focus on the strengths and personalities of the individuals we film. We support staff to be as concise and as engaging as possible when being filmed, either by scripting content in advance or supporting them to use the power of their own personality and voice to get the safety message across in the best way possible. Add to that, we film great looking B-Roll to add a further dimension to these informative and essential videos.