We are experienced Scottish filmmakers making compassionate and inspiring work. In 2023, we started working on a very ambitious documentary – “the female suicide film project (working title)”. The film focuses exclusively on female experience of suicide, from a wide variety of different perspectives, involving people with lived experience, women who have lost loved ones to suicide and support services. Watch this space for further updates.


    MUSEUMS. GALLERIES. COMMUNITY TRUSTS. COMMERCIAL AND CORPORATE WORK. ARTISTS. MUSIC. We are celebrating 25+ years of making cinematic videos for a wide variety of clients – in lots of engaging and challenging situations, be that one-off unique events, concerts, music videos, individual and group interviews, all over the UK. We have built up long term relationships with our clients and we’re proud to be part of their growing reputations.


    CORPORATE. DOCUMENTARY. ADVERTISING. CREATIVE. We’re more than a little bit in love with the possibilities of drone footage. It’s a great way to set context and to experience something familiar from a totally different perspective, bringing a depth of creativity and freedom to our projects. It also great for bringing in energetic movement and with a large sensor and hasselblad lenses, the images are stunning.


    THE POWER OF ADVERTISING. It’s been amazing to watch our long term client, Candid, as they’ve grow massively from a small start-up into a corporate company with 50+ employees and an outstanding vision to protect families, with life insurance, should the worse thing happen. Because it does, everyday.

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Thirteensquared is a creative & dynamic video production company, based in Glasgow, working across Scotland, celebrating 25+ years in business. We work in all sectors including corporate and commercial businesses, councils, healthcare, construction, environmental agencies, galleries & museums, health boards, Sports and education, creative start-ups and pioneering individuals.

We film individual or group interviews, events, conferences, performances. We create short videos for internal use, for B2B communication, for raising brand awareness, for social media, for celebrating success and launching new products.

Your greatest asset is your people, their voices. Our super-strength is honest, compassionate storytelling where we celebrate people, creativity, diversity, ambition, passion and innovation.  The enthusiastic and informed voices of your staff and your community, combined with stunning visuals and focused editing, produce engaging videos that will accurately tell your story or sell your product in the best possible way.

We carefully plan our videos ahead of time, involve you throughout the process and make sure you’re absolutely happy with the final videos. We listen to what you want and we make it happen. We innovatively film interviews, events, conferences, capturing all the energy and excitement of the day. Combined with our creativity and passion, we use high end video, sound, lighting and camera support equipment to make your videos look amazing and, best of all, we deliver our projects on time and on budget.


Video has tremendous power to educate and inform and we want to work with people who share this passion too. We bring out the best in the people we film and together with our clients, we produce films that are fresh, bold, focused, intelligent and ones that encourage your target audience to connect with your brand, your ideas, your passions because they believe in them. We highlight the strengths of your business or your brand by creating focused videos, dynamic social media content, explainer videos for internal use, ambitious documentaries and mini-docs, all with strong, beautifully clear messages. 

We realise the importance of using high quality, consistently reliable camera and sound equipment to ensure we produce the best quality videos. We strive to always give our clients a seamless and enjoyable experience when working with us, as well as producing an articulate, on point video that they are proud of.

We have a trusted, extended network of talented filmmakers, sound guys, additional gimbal and drone operators, based throughout Scotland so no matter the size of your project, we’re always able to meet your needs.

So, get in touch. We’d love to work together.




Kathleen loves all aspects of the filmmaking process and learning new things. At the moment, it's drones, that add an extra dimension to our storytelling! She also loves train journeys and being by the sea. "I love empowering, uplifting, challenging stories; including the kind that others find difficult to tell. I'm always looking to share the voice people haven't heard yet."




James is a HUGE movie fan; he also loves tech and gadgets... specifically camera tech.... thankfully. He's always looking to engage with new technologies and to figure out how things work best. “Filmmaking to me is a marriage of art and technology... Sometimes it's 50/50... Sometimes it's 90/10...I love the challenge of finding that balance for each project.”




Chas loves travelling around Scotland in his camper van. He has a real passion for thoughtful and reflective documentaries and narrative driven pieces. "I love filming from unexpected angles, using retro lenses that have their own quirkiness and individuality, that add to the look of our videos and really make each as individual and as breath-taking as possible."