Do you know what is really vital to a successful video production campaign? Storytelling. Storytelling is at the heart of what we do and an intergral part   of our filmmaking process. We love a good story, a strong and individual narrative, clear voices that rises above the crowd.

These things are essential for a powerful, focused film and it’s a passion for us.We approach every video we produce – be it a corporate, commercial video or documentary film or music video – in the same way – with enthusiasm, passion, creativity and innovation.


Wether we are livestreaming or filming a live event, interviewing an individual or group of people simultaneously, we are always focused on the end result.


Our strength is making interview-based videos that have authentic, organic storytelling at their core. So, to ensure this, we come prepared by doing as much research as possible, but we also respond intuitively in the moment.


And then we love to make everything looks fantastic – cinematic visuals, great colours, unique angles that really engage your audience. You can then share the videos online, or internally or you can make a real celebration of it and premiere it at your local conference centre or or rent out cinema and invite your audience along. 


What kind of video do you want to make? What location do you need to film in? What challenges does your video face? Do you have an idea, but not sure it will work?  Is the logistics a bit of a headache? We’re here to help. We can support you before, during and after your video production schedule. We can share examples, suggestions, do recces, have dummy runs or just get on with making a video that you’ll love and you can be as involved or as hands off, as you much as you like. 

We really enjoy filming and editing all sorts of video productions – corporate videos – large and small scale commercials – explainer videos – music videos, but interview-based videos are our super-strength! We work in a variety of industries – education, engineering, technology, transportation, healthcare, IT, finance, commercial, branding. 

We’ve worked with movie stars, famous musicians, right through to wonderfully ordinary people with powerful, moving stories. What we’ve  learned is that everyone is different, everyone’s got a story to tell and we       work very hard to make the filming processes enjoyable as possible.

We love shooting a diverse range of videos; corporate or commercial videos, social media friendly short videos or mini-documentaries, documentaries that tells challenging and empowering stories.

We can film live events, concerts, conferences, individual and multicam interviews, group interviews, music videos, and we’re more than happy to travel through-out Scotland to find the perfect location for filming.

What we are good at is preparing you for the filming process – we make you look and sound your best in front of camera – if you’re nervous and lacking confidence, we make you feel better in front of the cameras and help you focus on what’s important. If you’re already confident, we’ll make your delivery on screen even better. We can work with scripted and unscripted 

interviews, using an autocue or trusting your instinct and being as natural as possible on camera.

The editing process is often an undervalued part of the video production process, but we enjoy it. This is where the heart of the story is crafted and refined. With our diverse range of editing skills we can produce a 60 minute documentary full of focused information, or a mini series of on-point 15   second social media clips or anything in between and we export for broadcast, TV, conferences, large scale presentations and all social media platforms.


Using our fantastic Mavic 3 Classic drones, we can add a whole new dimension to your film, by introducing panoramic and bird’s eye view of the local environment. Alternatively we can add a sense of urgency, movement and excitement by following a fast moving subject – be that a person or a car or boat with our drones. Our drones add something unique to the overall narrative of your video and add depth and more context to your message.


We love the challenge and excitement of live-streaming! We can livestream live events, virtual events, hybrid events, seminars, AGMs, product launches, training videos are among things we doing. You can also have a recording of the livestream that can later be edited for your own purposes.

Using up to 8 high quality cameras (but we are also able to do more) and sound equipment, we can livestream from anywhere!