sony fx6-camcorder-on-a-tripod-with-a-lens-batteries-audio-recorder


Throughout our 25+ years of video production, we know the value of excellent equipment. It's important that our creativity isn't compromised, but in fact is expanded by the equipment we use. It's important that it's reliable, no matter what location we film in, and that we've ALWAYS got a back-up on hand because sometimes we only get to film something once and we want you to have the confidence in us to get it right first time.



FILMING. Using a combination of Sony FX6s and Sony cameras (A1 and A7V) and a wide range of Sony Prime and Zoom G Master lenses (covering a range from 12-800mm) as well as SLR magic 75mm lenses and a wonderful rehoused helios-44 58MM lenses) we are in a fantastic position to create beautiful cinematic images.



AUDIO. People often underestimate how important audio is. It’s vital! Whatever the situation, we’ve got it covered. We use a combination of Sennheiser EW 512/sound devices Mixpre 6 II kits or Sony URX Dual Receivers/transmitters to produce the best possible audio quality, weither we are filming interviews or run and gun situations or a combination of both. And just to be sure, we ALWAYS have a back-up kit in the bag.



We use the wonderful Rotolight range - Aeos 2 / Neo 3 portable, powerful lights with SmartSoft Boxes and 90 and 120 Parabolics (which creates a stunning soft light, perfectly suited for interviews.) Battery operated, we are able to use them in any locations to elevate the quality of videos we produce for you.



Using our fantastic Mavic 3 Classic drones, we can add a whole new creative dimension to your film, by introducing a specific context to the overall narrative of your video. We can also add a strong sense of movement and energy to your videos with creative eye-level shots as well as fast moving expansive landscape shots.



Our livestream kit is EXTENSIVE! Too many bits and bobs to mention (see BTS photos) but the gist of it is that we can livestream using a combination of up to 6-8 cameras, 2 laptops and we can also hire additional equipment if needed. No job not too big or small.



Macbook Pros, Ipads, Iphone and autocue are also firm favourites for every shoot to ensure everything flows perfectly and we can easily back-up on set fast if necessary. The large autocue helps direct to camera speakers be as eloquent on screen as possible, helping them connect with your audience more directly.



B-Roll is so important and we like to elevate it as much as possible by incorporating movement and energy into our films as much as possible which is why we often use Ronin RS3 Pro gimbals, Thanos SE (Gimbal vest solution that guarantees we have film all day with the gimbal if needed) and Syrp sliders, to get the perfect shot.



Additionally, we know that everything runs on power and always have an extensive selection of batteries, ranging from AA to V-lock batteries at our shoots. Better safe than sorry! We do everything we possibly can to ensure that the shoot runs smoothly, especially in remote environments which is why we always make sure we have a back-up.