We really enjoy filming and editing all sorts of video productions – corporate videos – large and small scale commercials – explainer videos – music videos, but interview-based videos are our super-strength!

We also love working in a variety of industries – engineering, technology, transportation, healthcare, IT, finance, commercial, branding. 

We’ve worked with movie stars, famous musicians, right through to wonderfully ordinary people with powerful, moving stories. What we’ve learned is that everyone is different, everyone’s got a story to tell and we work very hard to make the filming process something you enjoy.

We love shooting a diverse range of videos; corporate or commercial videos, social media friendly short videos or documentaries that tells challenging and empowering stories.

We can film live events, concerts, conferences, individual and multicam, group interviews, music videos, short films in all sorts of locations.

What we are also really good at is preparing you for the filming process – it’s our job to make you look and sound your best in front of camera – if you’re nervous and lacking confidence, we will make you feel better in front of the cameras and help you focus on what’s important. If you’re already confident, we’ll make your delivery on screen even better.

The editing process is often an undervalued part of the video production process, but we love it. This is where the heart of the story is crafted and refined.

With our diverse range of editing skills we can produce a 60 minute documentary full of focused information, or a series of on-point,   15 second social media clips or anything in between and we export for broadcast, TV, conferences, large scale presentations and all social media platforms.